About Us

Suburban Christian Church is a non-denominational congregation focused on making disciples by pursuing intimacy with God, community with one another, and ministry to others. Regardless of where a person is in their relationship with God, we want to be a church that lovingly guides them through the discipleship process:

Intimacy with God

We desire to provide a space for you to pursue a deeper relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.   During the 9:00 hour, we offer adult Bible studies, Sunday school for all ages and nursery.  At 10:15 we gather together for praise and worship, Bible reading and expository preaching.  We also offer Children’s Church during the worship service for ages 4 years through 3rd grade.

Community with One Another

From growing in our relationship with God, we also believe every disciple has a place in the body of Christ.  Our goal is for each person to experience a loving community with a group of believers through our various ministries for every stage of life.

Ministry to Others

As a member of the Body of Christ, we believe each disciple has a special God-given gift they can use to serve others.  God has designed the Christian Life to be one of service.  Just as Christ loved us and came to serve us by pouring out His life on the cross for our salvation, we are also called to follow His example of serving by pouring out our lives for the good of others.  We want to help each person find a place where they can thrive in ministry to others.